Abeir Haddad Discusses Tech Trends Predicted for 2022

Abeir Haddad
4 min readOct 20, 2021

In a study conducted by Accenture in collaboration with Frontier Economics, says West Vancouver’s Abeir Haddad, the world’s rate of adopting new technology is predicted to increase exponentially. Many of these technologies are already commonplace today, while others are still in their infancy. With this startling rate of growth, breakthroughs are expected to come every five days by 2022.

The study predicted three stages in technology development throughout the coming years: consumerization, intelligent automation, and integration. Consumerization is an early stage where the general public adopts basic technologies. Intelligent automation is a more advanced stage that focuses on integrating technologies into different aspects of everyday life.

Integration pushes for increasing convergence between existing technologies to create newer capabilities. Finally, future possibilities — which cannot be predicted at this time — will undoubtedly change the way we live our lives significantly over several years or even months.

Here are a few emerging tech trends that experts are predicting will become hot in 2022.

Security Cross-Cutting Issues

A major concern with the growth of technology is security. As technologies become more intertwined, says Abeir Haddad, it becomes increasingly difficult to isolate security issues. Issues can now arise between multiple platforms — for example, smart home appliances connected to both your mobile phone and your laptop. You may lose access to all devices if one device gets compromised or loses its connection.

Open Intellectual Property Movement

The open-source movement has been growing in popularity. Open source refers to sharing technology between different companies, either by obtaining it from another company or allowing other companies to access their improvement platforms. By 2022, many technologies are expected to be released as open-source platforms.

Aerospace Reimagined

Over the past century, breakthroughs have occurred in aerospace technology. However, this is predicted to die down briefly while technological advances are made elsewhere. Experts predict, says Abeir Haddad, that once consumerization reaches its peak, the second wave of innovation will occur in aerospace, potentially leading to vastly reduced space travel times and even commercial space stations orbiting Earth itself.

Massively Online Open Courses

In their infancy, massively online open courses (MOOCs) are expected to explode in popularity over the next few years. With inexpensive access to quality education through MOOCs, many more people will have the opportunity to advance their skills. This could potentially lead to a better-educated workforce and increased available funds for the research and development of new technologies.

Virtual Reality Becomes A Household Item

Currently, virtual reality is a popular item with gamers. Still, experts predict, says Abeir Haddad, that it will become mainstream by 2022 and be implemented into other industries such as healthcare or training new employees. In some cases, virtual reality has been seen as a preferable alternative to physical training exercises due to its immersive nature and lack of risk associated with dangerous exercises.

In the next decade, many new technologies are expected to be developed and become an integral part of daily life. It is impossible to tell what the future holds due to this rapid growth rate, but it seems that a bright one is in store for us all.

Quantum Computing Will Be Mainstream

Although relatively new technology, quantum computing is predicted to become a standard in

the next decade. Based on the behavior of subatomic particles, this type of computing will accomplish tasks that take today’s computers an extremely long time. Quantum computers may solve some problems in days or hours compared to years for current models.

Device and Nanotechnology Completes Our 5 Senses

Not much is currently known about how this would work, but experts predict that by 2022 we could be wearing devices that allow us to “see” through other people’s eyes and essentially sense the world as they do. Some companies are also working on creating similar devices for all five senses to let you experience anything from any perspective possible.

3D Printing Will Be The New Mass Production

Although 3D printing has been around for several years now, it has not yet reached the point of wide-scale implementation. By 2022, however, many companies will likely have moved away from mass production and begun manufacturing products via 3D printers instead. This will allow them to create custom items at a lower price and allow customers to design their items to be printed.

3D Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuits are one of the key components of modern technology. To be able to 3D print them would give us a faster, more efficient way of producing them and could potentially reduce the price of most technological devices over time.

Universal Memory

Currently, memory (such as RAM) is easily expandable through plug-in cards and modules. By 2022, however, experts predict that these will become obsolete with the rise of universal memory — a single type of storage device capable of storing all types of data at once and even transferring it to other devices wirelessly (and likely be more reliable than current technologies).

Multicore Software

Almost every modern piece of software uses multiple “cores,” which allow it to run more smoothly by dividing tasks among processor cores. By 2022, many experts predict that these programs will be divided into even smaller segments to utilize multicore hardware better, leading to future developments such as automated cars or fully automated appliances.

Final Thoughts

Although it is impossible to predict what the future holds, many technologies are being developed right now that could have a major impact on how we live our daily lives. As always, time will tell what awaits us — but one thing is for certain: the next decade will be an interesting one.



Abeir Haddad

Abeir Haddad is an esteemed Entrepreneur & Investor from Vancouver, BC. He is the President and Founder of Tryton Financial Corporation.