How Entrepreneurs Like Abeir Haddad Overcome New-Business Obstacles

The Easiest Business To Start

Individuals just starting in the business world often wonder which industry is easiest to succeed in. For example, restaurant businesses can mean long hours initially, but starting a fitness center or laundromat has high start-up costs.

Obstacles To Overcome When First Starting A Business

Every business will have setbacks. Therefore, preparation is crucial before investing money into the company. Outlining a specific business plan will help businesses stay on track.

Leaving An Existing Job

Starting a business is a full-time career. Most people cannot start a successful business while still working long hours at another job. Still, leaving an existing job is difficult for many employees.

Time Management

Starting a business is a full-time job. Time management can be difficult in the beginning, especially if there is a lack of clientele. Regardless of the amount of customers, a small business requires consistent goal setting and schedules.


Starting any business can be expensive, especially if employees are necessary to complete the work. If there is not enough money in savings, financing can seem like a daunting task to accomplish.

Quality Control

Quality control can be difficult to manage when time is of the essence. To save both time and money, a business risks decreasing the quality. This can be particularly true for small businesses with limited employees.

Relationships Within A Team

Leaders of any kind need to know how to relate to a team. Team dynamics in a business usually incorporate titles and ranking so that order is both established and recognized. To create a successful business, supporting loyalty and enthusiasm can be channeled through team building.

Making Decisions

As a leader, a business owner must make choices every day. Where to purchase products and who to hire are just the beginning questions. While many people enjoy the feeling of control, this can be an intimidating role for a new business owner.

Surviving The Early Years

The beginning era of a business is usually tiring for everyone involved. This isn’t to say the process isn’t rewarding or fun, however. On the contrary, hard work is often enjoyable, especially if individuals create something of their own.



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Abeir Haddad

Abeir Haddad


Abeir Haddad is an esteemed Entrepreneur & Investor from Vancouver, BC. He is the President and Founder of Tryton Financial Corporation.